Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's JUNE!

cepatnya masa berlalu..bulan 6 suda..cepat2 la bulan 8..tia sabar mo abis praktikal..not that my training was hell or something..but tia sabar mo bergaji far praktikum at smk sri serdang was good..met bunch of cool teachers..including my tempat orang kene la cakap kadang2 kluar juga baku sa..student2 pun suka ikut..ndatau la drang ulu ka atau puji..sukati drang my students ok la semua..xla jajal teaching lower 6, pengajian am paper 1 and 2..lama suda kasi tinggal tu subjek..lupa2 sikit suda..terpaksa buat revision balik..nasib ajar budak2 besar..skrng cuti skul..tinggal 3 hari lg la mo masuk skul lg..aiyo,liat..liattt..dekat suda sukan skolah..mest busy ni..but i enjoy my praktikal la..cuma, tia sabar mo konvo..posting and blablablaa..ok la..tu seja sa mo cakap..siou la bercampur2 bahasa..rojak2..nnt sa tulis2 lg klu rajin..hehe..bubye now..sayonaraa..jya mata~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



2011 marked the final year of my study here in UPSI...:) im glad.i cant wait..but i'll surely miss my curently busy with thesis which is to be submitted end of next month..fuh~
last December was usual..:) i celebrated xmas at kg..then went to ranau the nextday..had bbq party with bigbro and his friends @kundasang...then on 27th dec morning..bob's sis was admitted to hospital..she gave birth that afternoon via surgery..there he was, that cute lil gorgeous i almost teared as i saw him..congrats sis imie and hubby on their newborn..:)
010111 was me n bob's special day.. i was nervous as hell..slept late the previous night and wokeup early...our engagment day went well, was a great feeling..n now im officialy bob's fiance!:) im proud to say,im his!hehe..cant wait for the next stage..lols!it was a great begining of 2011 for all of us!
last weekend 15 jan was family day..i went back kg for the was such fun!and i got chance to get to know my CHAN family better, met gong gong's 3 other wives..lols!
kay folks, thats all the quick update i could do..i need to cont editing my thesis..fuh~i wish for a blessed 2011 to all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

triple CONGRATS!


been busy since i came back from sabah during Raya...back to school n assgments..n now i only have 1 asgment left:)) fuh~well, bro's wed was a succes!im happy for him..God bless both big bro, Leonald Jack and wife@sis in law, Jaqline Robert...and congrats to my cuzzy Theresse Lorin and fiance Jeffry on their engagement..GB and kawin la sapat2:D

me familia had a great wedding celebration, althou it was tiring but was worth it!me n Bob was d Maid of Honour n, it was a bit more work to be done,back n fort Tenghilan-Tuaran-Papar-Kepayan..but we didnt mind at fact, it was fun:D church ceremony always touch me heart...futher then the reception at papar hall was full of joy..the kimara band in Tenghilan was playing LOUD!siok! not forgeting the food!fantastic combination! after the wedding celebration ended, 19th sept sunday, me n bob went to visit grandma's grave before we left for has been 10 yrs long she left us..but the memory are still clear, the way she kissed me on my forehead, the way she hugged me..our favourite food she prepared evrytime we gone back kg..n when i was still small, she carried me around the i wish bob have the chance to meet her..she was such a great person..good hearted..caring n kind..i miss u grandma..wish u n mom were still here..sigh..

the only thing i regret is spending less time @ranau..we only spent a night there..n had to leave early the next day..well, next time for sure..paling sa tia dapat lupa, si putih..the juling cat..he was so cute..he spent the night with us n woke us up veryveryvery early:D

last weekend we went to watch SHOUT! again..tq Bobby's parent for the tickets:)) it was fun!plus this time, Bob's sis came all the way from sabah to join us..togther with her hubby n lil ones in her tummy..cant get my hands of her tummy..cant wait to welcome d lil one to this world:)) this time, SHOUT was held at MATIC, i've been there just recently for hornbill festival on the same stage (ceih,mo juga kestau:D) so, i knew a bit about the location..and althou i watched SHOUT twice, i still laugh my lungs out..they all were very talented!!esp my sis in law to be..Shanel Shanty James..i adore her voice:) congrats sis Shanel and fellow cast on the ggggreat perfomance!i overheard the director talking about next broadway show "dream girl' originated from film which stars Beyonce Knowles..i wish sis Shanel will be on that show..main character mayb?:) *finger crossed*!!

so cheers to 3 events!wedding, engagement n broadway!!

regards, jya mata~
Anngie, with biggg smile and heart full of lovin:))

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


chillin?not exactly..we have tans of things to prepare for big bro's wed which is 10days to go..but im sure are happy to be home:) althou my stomach still aunt said it is cause by my gastric which bloated my stomach wit air.. and i can feel the air stuck in my tummy:( two days ago i was having menstrual cramps and curently having bloated tummy:( how sad is that..i have to wait until my menses over then my aunt can massage my tummy..these two days, we were buzy buying things and doing some booking for chairs, table, and canopy...i know it sounded very the last minute but thankfuly some of our relatives either are doing those business or have friends whom they can nego things:) canopy, catering and all d buyings are it's time to clean up d hse..the start decorating..anyway, this saturday is my cuzzy's engagement..i hope i can make it despite the buzy preparation here at kg..

im curently in my room, just finish chating with my aunts and uncles while they were drinking (alcohol) and gambling:D im on d phone with my bobby tryin to fiigure out which song to sing for bro's destiny?lucky?...okay, goin to finish a bit of my asgment then crawl to bed:) jya mata!nite!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dady's bday~

Dad's bday was on 9 aug..we celebrated it on 14 aug last weekend, i went back to kk..omy,i missed kk so much..i arrived kk at 2.30pm and had teatime with dad at his office (dad works at MAS in case anyone wondered:) ) i was quite full having eaten lunch during flight.. after that, big bro pick me up and together with his fiance and yen2..we went fitting fr maid of honour dress...looks like i have to lose some kgs by month sept..geez..

the next day, me n dad went to tamu tuaran:) bought some stuff for d bdaybash...then we went to pet store..he was attracted to the tokek n bought it for rm180..sigh.. better he gave me d money:D tokek's bite is quite poisonous..i dont know y ppl are so interested in tokek.. yayaya,i know it cure aids..but only certain tokek does d trick..suka ati meka la..hehe

dad's bday was quite fun.. well, whenever d family gathered, its imposible not to be fun..with their crazy jokes, who bear not to laugh..:D it ended sooner then i thot, monday came and i have to pack up n leave to kl:( as i got on plane, homesick striked me straightaway:(

bob fetch me at putrajaya central, and my journey from klia to pj central filled with bambangan smell..hahaha..i had two boxes of bambangan n tuhau with me whereas 1 is for my sis dolls whom are 3months preggy and are craving crazily for mee tuaran n bambangan n so on, and another box is mine for d crave of my sabahan n sarawakian friends back at upsi:)

cant wait to go home again for big bro's wedding:) to pile up d exitement, my man are coming too..i know wedding can be tiring..but it can b enjoyable too..esp when ur family are d groom/bride..cant wait to be home...till then, i'll try not to b stress out with school matters :( n ow, happy fasting to relative n friends:)

jya mata!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sepeaking semenanjung~

hah, kecek semenanjung ni mimang nda yg baru smpai semenanjung tu jan mo minta puji sepeaking semenanj and vice versa..hahahaha..nnt kejadian sebegini terjadi jeng jeng jenggg....

kejadian A : asal?
A : awak ni asal mane ea?
B : saye asel sabeh..
A : ow, sabah mane?
B :&^&$%#*
A : yang ade jambatan femes tu ke?
B : nda le..yg tu kat &%^&$(^^(&..

Kejadian B : jarak jauh
A & B~A mo tanya pasal excel..
A : camne nak besarkan column ni ea?
B : ko tengo kat siring2 excel tu..mesti ade punye..

fyi, semenanjung nda paham "siring" ahahahaha

sa nda pandai sepeaking semenanj ni..either sa shut up, or pakai bahasa yg buli drang paham:) asalkan drang buli paham ok la klu kawan2 rapat/se-course sma sa..jan arap la sa sepeaking sma antam ja slang sabah..guess wat,drang paham mo kasi slow skit..jan cakap laju2..haha..klu ada yg drang nda paham,drang tanya juga tu..and through that, we exchange knowledge..kawan sa skrng paham santut, siring, tuuuuuuna, ndamo,nemau,tiamo,sa,sia,gete and few dirty words..hahaha..bukan dirty ba tu..human organ:D klu d sabah, "pantat" kita punya pantat la kan..klu drang cni, pantat is ppuan punya tuttttt, i got many sarawakian friends here too...and 'burit' for them is our pantat..but for semenanj,burit is ppuan punya tuttttt..XD teringat sa satu kejadian...jeng jeng jengggg

kisah benar, kmi berpicnic d sg &%%, (kmi ni terdiri daripada borneons+semenanjungs semangat 1msia la katakan:) A nampak santut si B...
A (sabah) : ui,npk santut ko
B (semenj) : santut?apaitu santut? (sambil tingu tangan dia) XD

A mo p mandi sungai, dia masuk belukar tukar baju n sluar , dia jerit..jangan cubuk sa aa,sa pakai santut ja ni! (semua ktawa)

lepas bergurau senda..ada lg isu baru muncul..kali ni C & D pula..
C (sarawak) : kotor suda burit ko duduk sna..
D (semenj & lelaki) : hoi!aku takde burit laaa..
C : hahahaha..ko tiada burit?jadi mcamnala ko duduk?
A (sabah & penyampuk) : hahahahahaaa, ko mesti open skit...cuba ko tanya C apa maksud burit tu
D: aku tau la, burit tu c*pap, aku mane ade bende tu
C : kmi lain la, burit tu maksud kmi bontot..hahahaha..
semua yg hadir ktwa kuat sekuat2nya, terutama skali florence, anngie dan solihin(opps,tersebut).....sejak tu solihin digelar cipap soli..XD soli tersipu2 sambil berkata "korang ni x senonoh la, cover malu dgn mengipas ayam bbq!


crita baru........jengjeng...........kwn2 sa ni mmg ada miring skit..and mmg smangat 1msia..semua crita budak dr kedah

A : sa mo p makan la..lapar suda sa ni..jum p makan..kijap lg abis kelas
B : ni lah budok saboh ni..cube sebut baek2 bg aku paham sket..dok kijap2..
A : budok kedoh ni nda sedar diri..ui, bukan saboh la..sabah..saboh tu binatang ka makanan??

jgn mara aji..ahahahhaa..kan suda masuk dalam blog sa..baru ko tau..kotoh

ni kisah 2 orang yg keboringan + ngantuk dlm kuliah........
A : kmu ajar saya kecek sabah bah
B: boleh ba klu ko, sa ajar ko..ko ajar sa..
A : eh, mane la ajar saya, mu nak gocoh?
B : ko ni,suda la minta gocoh2 lagi..nate btul la ko ni
A&B ktawa bersama..hilang rasa boring dan ngantuk td:P

semua cerita sukasuki saja..teda niat pa2 pun..watak2 dlm ni suma coursemate sa yang sporting..crita yang last but not least, rahsia terbongkar......!! fresh dr FB si Florence James Embu!!!mcm2 ada,siap iban slang semenanjung lg! la cth kegilaan yg ada..byk biarlah rahsia kata dato ct :D til next time, jya mata!

status si kawan>>>>> Florence James : Name saye norazite.... saye suke kawan dengen die.... ayat paling digemari oleh Kenneth James dan Jenifer Josli (identiti sebenar disembunyi) ari tige ni saye takde keles... Norazita Selanie

Norazita Selanie
Norazita Selanie
hehe (ukai bunyi hehe biase nye) Ku tengeh pikir sepe meh nye endu.. sungguh klasik ayet itu.. eik? neme kebueh neme ku bisi diteg?
April 21 at 5:17pm ·

Kenneth James
Kenneth James
merinse side......tidak mau saye dinge......
April 21 at 5:17pm ·

Norazita Selanie
Norazita Selanie
haha.. kenepe?
April 21 at 5:18pm ·

Florence James
Florence James
patricie : enti nemu dieu aje... hehehe

endun : ile aku nusoi ke d... cehite kenet tok...lawek amet...

keneth : merinse kamu ninge pie? saye merinse gik nadu cerite tok bak fb... ende nemu saye ka madeh...
April 21 at 5:27pm ·

Norazita Selanie
April 21 at 5:29pm ·

Kenneth James
Kenneth James
dini kamu bulih cerite nye?????sengape kite tok......
April 21 at 5:37pm ·

Florence James
Florence James
cte dalem bus... x sengape tok..diases oleh kenneth
April 21 at 5:39pm

Norazita Selanie
Norazita Selanie
aku gik tertanye-tanye meh tu.. hahe
April 21 at 5:45pm ·

Anngie Leonie Chan
Anngie Leonie Chan
astaganaga, anne rase korang ni tersaleh meken ubet le..kesayaan kehairanan kenampakan kebahasaan kekamurangan.kepelikan..
April 21 at 6:48pm ·

Florence James
Florence James
ann, flo rase kan.... flo x rase ape2
April 21 at 7:26pm ·

Anngie Leonie Chan
Anngie Leonie Chan
anne rase kan..anne nak makan besar mlm ni..sempene exam anne dah lalu due paper.nak join x?jum g makan org..
April 21 at 7:37pm ·

Florence James
Florence James
maken kat mane ann? flo malas nak jalan.... hahaha myampeh flo bcakap ngan anne tau...
April 21 at 7:47pm ·

Jenifer Josli
Jenifer Josli
pening pala kawe bco komen sek mu nih...
bakpo pulok kawe suko ayt 2?
kawe suko dgr ja...xdok pulok smpi suko2 nih...
April 21 at 9:58pm ·

Florence James
Florence James
suko dengo ngan suko tu samo la... mu jange lawe ckap mama!! :P
April 21 at 11:10pm ·

Jenifer Josli
Jenifer Josli

Sunday, May 23, 2010

weekend gateway~

lama nda update blog sa ni..rindu pula:p memandangkan arini lengang coret2 la sepatah dua pun patah juga..:D today is 3rd week im doing industrial training in MARA..mgu lalu kena bagi keja buat JPU..baru submit td..hope teda mistake...n just now kena bagi borang penilaian,kena suru buat analisis,but tau la budak baru blajar ni..ndatau cmna mo buat..klu ikut cara sa, mmg drang nda berkenan:p so, this is why im learn:) so,curently waiting fr her to gimme some sample to d meanwhile, sa isi masa lapang laa..hehe..boring ba cni..teda keja kena bagi...nasib ada tenet,dpt men..klu nda,jadila mcm 1st week sa..renung dinding smpai tembus.they ask me,what do i want to do..duhh~hw d hell do i know,they were supposed to gimme any work yang easy2 la..namanya pun industrial training...i think they confused, sbb i took education course, i explained them several times,its not related to my is me being here, experience office environment..but they kept on wanting me to do techear2 punya work...gosh...anyway, im placed in Bhgian pendidikan dan latihan menengah..see,it relates with pendidikan juga kan...2nd week baru la en. hassan gave me some work becuz he pity me having no work at all...buat JPU,nasib sa suda blajar:) dapat juga diaplikasikan..hehehee....ok,enuf about my LI...

last weekend i had fun keliling kl wit itafloayung n ryan(smallworld, he is in my friendlist in FB, n now we met f2f thru our friend)...lepas keja,trus p jumpa drang..nasib ada bwa baju spare..klu nda,pakai kebaya la sa jln2..haha..we went to timesq jumpa si ryan..then went dinner (thx ryan fr d dinner)...smbil2 tu waiting for anak selanie to arive..........jln2 d timesq,byk godaan..nasib teda duit..klu nda abis kena sapu barang2 sna..huahuahua...went up a floor n i saw a familiar face!yes!si emee caroline, i trus tangkap her..wa,tangkap aa..hahaha..long time nda jumpa ba..she was with her friend n alenee..dapat juga jumpa my old friend ni:) alene n emee were my high school buddies, i met emee in high sch n knew alenee since kindergarden n primary sch.. lepas tu kiteorang (ceih,kiteorang?) went to starhill before went home..took pics here n there, bring them to shook where Bob's sis, Atie were performing..excited drang itafloayung..hehe..flo smpai ke umah cant stop mentioning bout Atie..i think she actualy mised si "kenny G" ita pula mised si "pokpinano" :) glad they enjoyed d perfomance..sempat bgambar sma artis ba drang..lucky...smpai umah,mandimanda.then chat smpai jam3 AM..smbil mamam supper:) such a destressed moment..having friends to gossip wit:p the next moning,awal sa tebgn dgn gelagat ayung menonton crita korea "fullhse" hehe.then i kacau anak selanie,smpai dia tbgn..khakhakha..evil kan..pastu bersiap2 go eat d tmpt yg floi rekomen,just behind starhill...n so,after finish BRUNCH, we went to starhill again, took few pics n go..limpas pavilion..saw ean n jj from hitsfm..hansom pula si ean..i thot he was short..cuz i heard the djs always teased him for being short:p as usual, jln2 smbil took pic...went to chowkit..then i have to go back to bob's crib..cuz he ady bought ticket to SHREK! klu nda,smpai ke subuh bejln sma drang..khakha..but shrek was realy great!i like si donkey...n not least the cat..pussy..hahaha..CATastrophy n reDONKEYlous...:) i had fun last weekend...looking foward to this weekend, me n my man's 3rd year aniversary......3yrs seems like yesterday, loving him more n more each day..with him i am truely real makeup needed:p..yai,lobyduby laa pula..:) ba,hv to go la..study2 lu keja to do~

jya mata!:)